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KI Lipton specializes in marketing considered purchase products and services.
Do people buy your product on an impulse? Probably not. More than likely it's a "considered purchase," a product or service that requires information and analysis to form an opinion, make a decision and reach the final purchase. It's important to understand and appreciate the behaviors that lead individuals and groups to reach their decisions. KI Lipton specializes in considered purchase products and services.

Our work succeeds because we make buyers stop and think.
Whether they come together as a group or work alone to analyze their purchase, your customers are people who think before they buy. When companies spend thousands of dollars for a single piece of equipment or an essential ingredient that adds value to their product, service or bottom line, serious thinking is required. KI Lipton will make sure that your customers have the information they need to make those important decisions.

Let Lipton work for you.
Lipton people understand the processes at work when your prospects consider buying your products and services. The left and right hemispheres of the brain working together. One side needs facts and information, the other, emotional reassurance to reach the decision to buy. We identify and develop compelling information and have the insight and experience to inform, educate and motivate your customers. We know them, we understand them, and we speak their language.

We will give your customers reasons to believe, the rationale to buy, and the reassurance to return.


Talk to Ray DeMoss, President of KI Lipton, 267.893.5671 or find out more about our marketing services.
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