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1. SALES PROFESSIONALS. You team up with sales professionals, already trained and experienced.

2. MOTIVATED SALESPEOPLE. A publisher's representative earns his/her living from sales commissions – a percentage of advertising sales made for you. When commissions are the primary source of income, a publisher’s representative is motivated daily to make higher quality sales calls and produce more revenue for you.

3. EXPERTISE. You get sales expertise at a price that could not be matched by a staff hire. The publisher’s representative knows the market and the territory in depth – and can also be used to supplement your sales staff.

4. CLIENT / AGENCY CONTACTS. A publisher’s representative has equity and roots in the territory or category. He/she knows the clients and agencies and has access to sales contacts at all levels.

5. QUALITY REPORTS / VALUABLE IDEAS. Prompt and comprehensive reports inform you of advertiser targets and objectives. Representatives bring promotional and sales-building ideas to the table at no cost to you.

6. FIXED COSTS. You have a fixed sales cost based on actual sales – predictable and budgetable.

7. NO OVERHEAD COSTS. You have no office space costs; no telephone or fax expenses; no mailing, express mail or messenger costs; no computer installation/training/maintenance costs. Also, no travel and entertainment expenses.

8. NO PERSONNEL RESPONSIBILITIES. No secretarial staff; no interviewing, hiring/firing or training responsibilities for sales. Reduces your supervisory and administrative workload.

9. NO COMPANY BENEFIT COSTS. You save the heavy costs of company benefit programs: health insurance, vacations, pensions and profit sharing.

10. SERVICE + COST SAVINGS = PROFITS. A publisher’s representative offers you professional service plus cost savings. You profit as your sales grow.

Talk to Michael Boucher, Director of Client Publishing Services, 267-893-5686 or to find out more about Advertising Sales representation.
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